To use the Easy-Rider® / Hip-RiderTM please follow these simple instructions:

Breath in very slightly while placing the Easy-Rider® / Hip-RiderTM around your waist. Adjust to the right length using additional fastener (2). Then fasten with fastener (4). A slight tension should be noticeable when the fastener has snapped into its correct position. The additional fastener (4) must be closed at all times, when carrying a child.

The child can be carried either on the left or the right hip or in a forward position (see illustration). It is always necessary to hold and support the child with one arm. If a child is carried without a Easy-Rider® / Hip-RiderTM you will notice that the spine has a slight curve (Illustration A). Often this will cause muscle tenseness and bad posture, which may lead to a long-term back problem.

The Easy-Rider® / Hip-RiderTM helps to evenly distribute the weight of the child on to the hip; this therefore relieves the strain to the spine. A great help in preventing posture and back problems (Illustration B).

The Easy-Rider® / Hip-RiderTM can also be used as a handbag. Attached to the seat is a large sized pocket (6) and many smaller pockets are found on the inner side (3) to put such items as pacifier, keys, bottle, purse, credit cards etc. The Easy-Rider® / Hip-RiderTM cover can be washed at 30° (remove inner pad using the zip (6)).

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